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Winter is coming...     12 comfort food favourites.

Winter is coming... 12 comfort food favourites.

It’s officially time to hibernate, well it is in my book anyway.

It’s so damn cold here in Sydney, all i want to do is stay in my old man Pj’s all day and potter around in the kitchen making comfort food.

Then eat it.

On the couch.


I love being in my kitchen all year round but in Winter i am in fact, an extreme homebody and rarely leave the house to eat out.

I’d rather cook.

And feed people.

Feeding people is my Christmas! (i might need to see someone about that)

I’ve gathered some of my favourite Winter warming recipes that i hope you’ll be inspired by.

Comfort factor 10/10.

Click on the pic to be taken to the recipe.


Girl gone green.

Girl gone green.