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Summer Lovin' + All the feels..

Summer Lovin' + All the feels..

Oh hey…

Remember me?

I’ve officially had over a month off from the blog world and to be honest… It was freakin’ awesome.

I had a good chunk of time to relax, reflect and assess what i hope to achieve/pursue for 2019.

Last year was a great year for MM. I’m super grateful for all the opportunities that came my way and the new personal and professional relationships i made.

Also the personal gratification i got from creating/indulging in something that after all, i created to satisfy my own personal creative needs made me feel proud of myself in a way i haven’t felt in a long time.

I’ve taught myself a lot of things, i’ve ticked a few boxes of my “to do” list and have added plenty of new goals to another.

But to be honest i don’t know if i want to keep going down the same path.

I do know that over the last three years i’ve worked bloody hard to be here and stay afloat in this crazy ”mama blogger” world, i fucking hate that term but that’s the category i apparently fall under.

Is that enough for me? Dunno.

Do i want to throw it all in and do something different? Ummm, I have no idea.

The social media side is getting exhausting.

Draining even.

Trying to keep up with algorithms, posting schedules, the following, the liking, the commenting, the posed pictures, the filters, the slave to the ‘gram.

Jesus it’s a full time job!!

Yes, i know it comes with the territory but i can honestly say. I can’t keep up, i don’t know if i wanna keep up.

I’m bored of it.

Maybe it’s just the New Year blues?

Those pesky New Years resolutions theories are making me feel like i should mix things up and do something different or maybe it’s just my Summer attitude.

Lazy beach days filled with sun, sand and salt water have me reassessing what’s more important or perhaps what i would prefer my life to look like.

Perhaps once school goes back and i have routine in my life i might feel differently but for now the future of MM is up in the air. I’m not angry about it, nor sad. Maybe it’s a good thing, maybe the start of something bigger and better?

Who knows.

For now i’m happy ticking along in the summer sun.

B xx

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