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How do you do self care?

How do you do self care?

It's self care September!

Self care is having a bit of a movement right now. Why just now? Isn't self care something we should be practising all the time?

Particularly as mothers it's something that should be mandatory (seeing as we dedicate ourselves to raising the future) but we tend to feel guilty about indulging in a little bit of self care rather than actually practising it.

Now self care means something completely different to everyone. For some it's an overseas holiday once a year and for others it's a $3 face mask from Sephora once a week. How you do self care is completely up to you, just make sure you do it!

For me self care is about making life that little bit easier so i can be more present at home. Spending time with the kiddo's making memories and living in the now is priority number one! 

Life is busy and stressful and the daily grind can get a girl down. We get so caught up in trying to do it all, work, kiddo's, school run, after school sport, being a super mum and wife that we drown ourselves in stress and beat ourselves up for not being able to manage it all when we should be out sourcing and asking for help.

Over the month of September I'm going to share how i do self care and hopefully it will inspire you to try a few things to make life easier for you and your crew. I've put a few things in place around my home that benefits the family as well as myself that's spread across the month to make life a wee bit easier and less stressful.

Happy wife happy life right? 

The happiness for me starts with Marley Spoon. No doubt you've seen plastered all over my Instagram and in stories how much i love Marley Spoon. A recipe and meal box delivery service that sends you carefully curated dinners all ready to enjoy!

No thinking required! And let's face it after a day of running around after the kiddo's and putting in an 8 hour work day the question "what's for dinner mum" is enough to send anyone coo-coo. 

The whole family gets a bit of self care loving from this life hack. And thats why i love it.

Nutritious meals, laid out in 6 step by step instructions that even a kitchen novice would understand. (ie my husband) I love the variety of meals and quality local ingredients. There are always recipes i haven't tried before, like this week we had porcini crusted burgers, yum! Exposing the kid's to new and exciting flavours is great and the variety of recipes to choose amazes me every week.

How do they come up with them all? There's so many kiddo friendly recipes too!

The ingredients are sourced as locally as they can which means we are supporting Aussie farmers which we always try to be conscience of in our house. I used to be a buyer for an organic supermarket so for me knowing where my food comes from and supporting local is extremely important. I love Marley Spoon for that.

Each meal is the perfect sized portion. There's minimal wastage as your only sent what you need for each recipe and the packaging used is recyclable.

Double score!

For us it's a no brainer to have Marley Spoon in our life. It does really bring us together as a family over a shared love of cooking. And anything that brings us together and feeds us both creatively and nutritionally is a winner in my book!

Now how's that for self care!!

Get your first Marley Spoon box here.

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