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MM Q&A: Kim Saunders from @captain.and.co

MM Q&A: Kim Saunders from @captain.and.co

The Insta world is a funny one. You build these relationships with people over the world wide web and share stories, experiences, advice, all your fears and hopes for the future without ever meeting face to face. Over the three years i’ve been doing the MM gig i’ve profiled a bunch of inspiring, amazing women that i’ve never met except for in the land of Instagram.

Isn’t that strange? I dunno, i feel like that’s the norm when you have a side hustle that only exists in the social media world.

I have had the absolute pleasure of actually being able to meet this awesome chick face to face. Believe it or not i actually got to throw my arms around her and give her a hug!

(I know weird right, a real life sighting!!)

Kim is a woman i’ve been following since the beginning of my MM journey and have always admired her honesty, hilarity and down right coolness. She’s a Tasmanian based mama of two georgous girls who’s always real life, no BS and my kinda gal.

If your not already following along head over to @captain.and.co and do yourself a favour.

Kim, the next real life sighting must include a sensible glass of wine or two.

First one’s on me!

Who inspires you?

Honestly, So many people. Personally and professionally.  Number one would have to be my husband. He is such a calm, patient man. Hard worker. And really puts up with all my craziness like a boss. 

What is the best piece of advice you've recieved?

It's ok to let it go. I have struggled, and still struggle with letting go of things. The past, business, friends and emotions. But learning to let go of things that don't work for me, for us. It has been fan-flipping-tastic. 

Who makes you laugh the most?

It would have to be my two year old. Frey Frey. She honestly is the funniest little soul. And she knows it. We call her Barry the Bulldozer. And Maria. Because sometimes she reminds us of a funny little old greek lady. 

Favourite time of day?

Mornings. After 8am. Although the girl gang wake up around, and before 5am most days. Around 8am they are pretty awesome. Best hour of the day!

Dessert island meal?

Are cocktails considered a meal? Yeah. Cocktails. All of them. If not, I would be so boring. I would have to say a rocking fruit salad. Like gourmet top notch best fruits ever kinda fruit salad. No paw paw. Ew.

The next place you want to visit?

France. I just love that place and can not wait to go back. 

The last thing you did for yourself?

Crikeys. Does going to the toilet with the door closed count? I really haven't done anything for myself in a very very very long time. Great reminder to get myself booked in for a facial-massage-pamper day. Heck yes. 

One vice you'll never give up?

Chocolate. Just don't make me do it. I just can not.

Your go to weekly meal you cook?

Mexican Magic Rice. Its a one pot wonder with all the flavour. Fresh herbs. So easy. So healthy. And everyone eats it. Thank. Goodness.

Favourite coffee spot?

Anywhere drive through that is open at 6am! Would have to say @bluecafebar. Outside on a sunny day is just magic. Girls can play and leave me to drink my coffee or afternoon wine for a good 5 minutes. Oh yeah.

What brings you back down earth?

My husband. And my little girls. Sometimes I get all caught up in my own head and find it hard to just chill. I overthink everything, But they don't. And make me realise I don't need to overthink everything. I don't need to fix everything. I don't need to have everything under control. A little bit of chaos. And a whole lot of mess. Is ok. Sometimes. 

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I have no idea! Still in Tasmania doing what I do. Hopefully a whole lot calmer. And finally taking some time for me. Is it wrong that I don't think I want to go back to full time work? That I want to be the mum that does the school drop off. Work through the day, for myself, or someone else. Maybe. Then do the school pick up and hang out with my girl gang. I know it doesn't sound overly ambitious. But I never really have that 'I-want-to-be-a-mum' feeling before I had kids. And now that I do. I really want to be the best. And do the best. But then again. Ask me in a year, and I will probably have a completely different 5 year plan!


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How do you do self care?

How do you do self care?