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MM Q & A: Danielle Reynolds @urbansodamama.

MM Q & A: Danielle Reynolds @urbansodamama.

I'm so excited to introduce you to my next MM crew member Danielle Reynolds. 

When i first laid Insta-eyes on Danielle i felt like i was transported back to high school where she was the cool chick in the most popular group in class that i wanted to hangout with and i was the super nerd with a girl crush!! #notworthy. 

This Minnesota mama is raising her top knot tribe of four boys, yep FOUR, has killer style and an Instagram account that'll make you rethink your family picture goals.

Again, #notworthy.

Learn a little more about Danielle below and make sure you hop over and give her a follow, HERE you won't regret it!

Who inspires you?

This is such a tough question! I am inspired by so many people and am incredibly inspired by the arts and the written word as well. The top of my list would definitely be my dad. He was always a dreamer and had the most inventive mind. I grew up listening to him talk about all of his ideas. He was such a believer in putting your mind to something and would always tell us “ain’t nothin’ to it but to do it” and I watched him live his life that way. He grew up very poor and came from nothing and worked so hard to build such an amazing life for us. He taught me to think outside the box and that I could do anything I ever wanted to do if I had enough heart. He was super eccentric and was always living outside the box. He was and will always be my biggest inspiration.

What is the best piece of advice you've received?

Ohhhh this is another good one! Gosh, I have gotten so much wonderful advice over the years and it has all shaped me and guided me through my journey. A friend of mine who was one of my first and favorite women mentors told me this while I was pregnant with my first son… “Everyone will tell you how much you will love your baby and how you never knew what that love would be like until you felt it. What they won’t tell you is how hard it will be some days. People don’t talk about how they feel inside when they want to hide in a closet, or cry, or run away because it is so overwhelming. Just know that when you feel like that, you are still a wonderful mother. You are a good person. You are human for feeling that way and it’s totally okay.” I am so glad she told me that because I can’t tell you how many times I heard her voice repeating this to me. It helped me through some major mom guilt and shame and let me be human and have some grace with myself. It was a game changer for sure!

Who makes you laugh the most?

Definitely my husband! There is no one on this earth who makes me laugh like he does. I have a tendency to be very rigid about life sometimes and am very hard on myself. This makes for a lot of discourse inside of my own head. He brings me back to balance in the best ways! He always takes me from tears to laughter and negative to positive! He saves my life every single day.

Favourite time of day?

Well, I am definitely NOT a morning person… even this far into motherhood! Once I’m up I sure appreciate a beautiful horizon and the dew on the grass, but nothing is as satisfying as sleeping in and snuggling in bed with my babies!! I like quiet time and space when I wake up, so this is kind of a running joke in my house because really… in a house filled with boys… quiet time and space really don’t exist!!! My favorite time of day really depends on the day. I love late Saturday and Sunday mornings. We try not to plan much on our weekends if we don’t have to so that we can ease into the day. We stay in our PJs. I eat my kale shake and drink my chai and the kids play and we talk and talk and talk. We also have “Elvis Gospel Pancake Mornings” where we listen to Elvis gospel and make pancakes and each together at the table. Otherwise I love any time that we can get outside and go to the park or bike on the trails and I definitely love a good summer night. It is definitely a happy place for me!

Dessert island meal?

Honestly, I am not much of a food person. I kind of hate it! I have struggled with stomach issues most of my life and have finally found some relief eating a more plant based and gluten free, dairy free diet. The kids have asked me this question before and we joke that if I was on a stranded island all I care about is my Starbucks Venti 8 pump soy chai!

Best gift you've ever received?

My children. I will spend the rest of my life being eternally grateful for them and for the life that we have together as a family.

The next place you want to visit?

Graceland!!! That is at the top of our bucket travel list, although we are waiting until we can go as a couple. We seriously cannot wait to do that! We also sunshine daydream about getting an RV (and calling it the Rolling Dutch Oven… because well, boys…) and heading out to California. I would also love to do a traveling stretch where I get to thrift in all the best cities.

The last thing you did for yourself?

I wrote a letter to my mama self. I have been writing more often and it is saving my soul. I am also very diligent about eating my kale shake every morning and drinking kombucha because it makes me feel really good. I am trying really hard to get better about prioritizing self-care. I spent so many years running myself into the ground and realized how much life it was stealing from me. I was not my best self, wife, friend, or mother. Being perfect and on your game is so overrated… it just took me a long time to shed that one.

One vice you'll never give up?

Hmmm… I would have to say my Starbucks chai… hehehehe… I’m a wild child!

What brings you back down earth?

Like I said, I can definitely rile myself up easily. I get overwhelmed and stressed and compound all of my worries in the worst way. I am learning to harness my breath and am teaching the boys this as I am learning, and it is life changing! I also throw myself into creative endeavors when I need to reconnect with myself. I love writing and styling clothing and thrifting and photography. I also love to just get outside and take the kids out biking or for a walk or a good park trip. I leave my phone at home and the worries at the door. That is definitely when I can feel the weight of my children in my arms and see the twinkle in their eyes the most.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Hmmm… such a good question! I used to be such a planner and have lofty goals based on these standards and ideals that I really cared nothing about. I was always so frustrated and so hard on myself and was missing out on the real heartbeat of my life. When my dad died five years ago everything changed for me at a cellular level. My perspective shifted and I let so many things go that were holding me back from living wholeheartedly. I finally let myself freefall into motherhood and my life and just let it lead the way and I’ve never felt so alive and engaged with where I stand than I do living this way now. I hope that in five years I will have more grace with myself. I hope that I will have lifted people up. I hope that I will have loved with every fiber of my being. I hope I will have been brave enough to push myself out of my comfort zone and follow my bliss. I hope my creativity informs me and speaks to me and through me. I hope my children feel safe and loved and happy so that they can journey on their own path and do the things they are destined to do. Most of all, I hope I can enjoy the ordinary moments as much as the extraordinary ones!

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