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Marley turns two.

Marley turns two.

This Friday is Marley Moo's birthday. 

I can't believe my mini has been earth side for two whole years. It feels like more.

I feel like she's always been here. I feel like she's been here before. 

Over the past two years i've shared some insight on how our little girl entered the world. 

Starting off with a high risk pregnancy and a pretty interesting delivery. Our 6 week stint in the NICU when she was born and following on trying to normalise a life of CPAP, NG tubes and countless hospital appointments.

It was not easy, both on our minds and hearts. 

But i wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. Everyone enters this world in their own way and Marley just decided this is how she would enter ours.

Every tear was worth it.

If you'd like to know more have a listen to my guest podcast over on Australian Birth Stories.

Here's something you might not know.

Days after her first birthday Marley took ill.

High temps, lethargy and completely off character.

Marley ended up in the ER and subsequently spent two weeks in intensive care battling for her life. An unknown viral infection nearly took our girl from us just days after her first birthday. After she worked so hard in her first year of life and we felt like we were over the hump of PRS craziness and were settling into "normal" life, being hit with this was the last thing we wanted for our little girl.

She suffered from renal failure, stopped breathing and had the entire team of professionals baffled with finding a diagnosis. To this day we still don't know what happened. They threw around the possibility of H.U.S, leukaemia and rare blood disorders but she tested negative for every test they did.

And trust me they did ALOT.

After nearly a fortnight of Marley laying there sedated and hooked up to every machine possible, her veins collapsing from loads of medication being pumped through her tiny arms, we were told we might not ever know what's going on and to prepare ourselves to never know.

I still to this day have trouble accepting this. As a mama you want answers so you can make sure it never happens again. 

Miraculously, our strong girl fought with everything she had and returned to us. 

Another week being watched on ward and we got to take our girl home.

We felt relieved to say the least.

We also learned an important lesson in perspective. There were children in our ward that were not going to get better. Not be able to go home. It was heartbreaking. I think about those families doing it tough in hospital life everyday.

Marley is now 100% recovered and doing so well. She has no permanent damage to her brain or heart and is as strong as an ox. She's impressed every doctor that looked after her.

We now love that we have settled into the boring routine of day to day life.

It used to get us down but now we truly relish in it.

How lucky are we that we get to just live. School run, grocery shopping, quiet nights on the couch. It's a blessing. We are lucky. 

We are all happy and healthy and together, that's all that matters.

My little rock star is made of tough stuff i tell you. I'm amazed at what she has been through, endured and overcome in her two short years.

Happy Birthday Marley, we love you.

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