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Breathing easy with De'Longhi.

Breathing easy with De'Longhi.

Living in the heart of the city comes with it’s challenges.

Tiny apartment living, chaotic fast paced lifestyle’s and traffic to boot.

And while we are all striving to live with less by being greener and cutting out the toxins in our everyday life with re-usable, recyclable, BPA free, non-toxic and eco everything, our air quality is often over looked.

We all assume that it’s the polluted outside air that’s full of allergens and toxic nasties but you might be surprised to learn that the air inside our homes can be up to 5 times more polluted than the air outside. Impurities like pollen, pet hair, mould and dust can in the long run affect your overall health and well being.

Now i’ve been on the hunt for an air purifier for some time. Marley had breathing issues at birth that resulted in her using a CPAP machine (continuous positive airway pressure) for the first months of her life. Now that she’s no longer using anything to aid her breathing i want to make sure the air quality at home is the best it can be.

So when my friends from De’Longhi recently gifted me this amazing Air purifier Heating/Cooling fan all in one i felt like i just hit the jackpot!

Not only does this sexy looking piece of Italian machinery clean the air around it, it also keeps you and your surroundings the perfect temperature all year round.

Double bubble!

This clever little tower uses 3D Comfort Air Technology to filter indoor air using a patented, brushless fan motor to draw in ambient air and then purifies it by removing up to 99.9% of fine particles like common allergens and pollutants.

Bye bye watery eyes and itchy noses in hay fever season!

In winter when the purifier is set to heat (there’s 6 heat settings) the purified air continues to a plenum chamber where a super efficient ceramic element heats the air to the desired temperature. Ditto in summer it cools (there’s 10 cooling settings) the purified air to keep you comfortable and breathing easy.

Now what i find really impressive is the system shapes and guides the airflow, which follows it’s curved shape before forming a large, consistent pocket of air. The result is an enveloping, head-to-toe clean airflow. It creates your very own comfort zone of perfectly clean air that’s your desired temperature all year round.

The ECO function allow energy consumption to be optimised when on heating mode and guarantees the correct level of comfort. It automatically modulates the heating power and the fan speed, that’s pretty damn cool if you ask me.

Now all the technical stuff has been discussed, the mama practical side of me has a few things to acknowledge too.

The unit is sturdy and not intrusive. It’s a great size and isn’t an eyesore like most purifying units on the market. It blends nicely into it’s surroundings and is simple to use.

There’s no holes for little fingers to get trapped in (for for little toys to get ‘accidentally’ put in) and for the most part both my girls don’t even know it’s on as it’s relativel

It has a safety system that turn the machine off if it’s accidentally pushed over. Handy when you have a rowdy toddler. Yes, i’m looking you Marley! Also, Buddy has officially fallen in love with the purifier and sits next to it constantly, weirdo!

Lastly, it has a timer setting and remote control, (which the man of the house loves) and the filter is easy to take out and clean. Simply remove the filter from the system, it’s a twist and lift motion, run your vacuum over the filter regularly to remove the dust and particles.

It even has a reminder function so you’ll never forget.

We have really enjoyed using our new DeLonghi Air purifier heating/cooling fan and just know come summertime it will be our new best friend. It’s great piece of mind know that the quality of the air we breathe will be taken care of and we will be cool and comfortable.

Want even more info? Check it out on the De’Longhi website here.

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