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"Mama, where are all the brown princesses?"

"Mama, where are all the brown princesses?"

I was recently asked this question by my 8 year old daughter while she was casually laying on the floor watching a movie.

I was frantically trying to search my mind for an answer. "Ummm, well, umm i'm not sure."

I was running through all my fav's as a little girl. Desperate to give her examples.

Snow white, well she's white. Belle, nope white. Ariel, white. Sleeping beauty, still white.


It finally hit me, "Oooo Moana" i yelp. "And the one from princess and the frog" I add.

"Yeah but they don't look like me, they need to make more." she said.

My mind exploded. Firstly because, yeah she was right. There should be more.

But the thing that really blew my mind wasn't the fact that she had noticed the lack of brown skinned princesses and role models for kids but the fact that that's how she saw herself.


I never thought about it before. To me, she's my Lulu. When i look at her i see her bright and happy face and cheeky smile. Not her skin colour. 

It just dawned on me, i'm raising a very self aware child who's started discovering herself and identifies as a someone different. As a brown girl.

Lulu is half Australian and half Colombian. (I'm the Aussie FYI)

So, yes she has THE most stunning tinted brown skin that is the envy of her half Irish, pale skinned mother and all that love her. But she see's it as something that makes her different to everyone else.

We currently live in this fantastic world of female empowerment and liberation where women are banding together to break down barriers and right wrongs that have forced women to be restrained, silenced and powerless for generations.

The responsibility of raising girls in today's world is something i take very seriously. I want them to be confident and feel safe in the world they live in knowing they can be whoever they want to be.

To be authentic and intentional.

Not to judge but embrace.

Kindness and consideration above all.

Regardless of the colour of their skin.

It has sent me on a bit of a private mission to find inspiring examples of women to help empower and educate Lulu that there are heaps of women from different background with different skin tones that have accomplished amazing things and that she can too.

I definitely like i'm raising a strong, smart, inquisitive, little feminist. And i love it.

Here's a few of my favourite quotes and images i've found around the web that i'll be sharing with my girls.

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