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A weeks worth of waste free lunch box ideas.

A weeks worth of waste free lunch box ideas.

The start of the school year is upon us. Hooray! 

I can honestly say, i'm ready. Sorry Lulu. I love you but jeeeesus i'm tired.

Mama needs a holiday now!

While I'm excited for her to go back and be with her friends and start her new adventure as a third grader i'm not looking forward to packing school lunches five mornings a week. Meh.

It's been a lovely break. Anyone else feel the same?

This year one of my New Years resolutions is to try and reduce the amount of waste that comes out of our house. Anyone with kids knows that the amount of rubbish little humans make can be considerable. And research has found a child’s average disposable school lunch produces three pieces of rubbish every day which amounts to approximately 30 kilograms of waste per child every year.


I've done some yummy lunch box research and have armed myself with some amazing waste free boxes from Biome (as well as asked Lulu what she loves to eat the most) and have come up with a weeks worth of waste free lunch boxes!

I love that this new challenge of going waste free has encourage her to make healthier choices. Less toxic wrapping and over processed foods have been swapped for fresher whole foods. 

Good girl.

If you haven't already you must pop over to Biome and check out their impressive range of waste free supplies. Biome Eco Stores have been campaigning waste free school lunches for 14 years and sell a vast range of nontoxic, environmentally friendly and waste free back to school products.

Do you yourself a favour. 

Check out some of my ideas below and start your own challenge of going waste free for lunch time.

Shop Biome's extensive range of waste free lunch boxes for back to school here.

Monday: Avocado corn cake smiley faces, edamame, watermelon flowers with blueberries and soya crisps, dried apricots and sultanas. (Vegan, sugar/dairy free option)

Shown in a Planetbox Rover.

Tuesday: Chicken and salad sandwich, fruit salad and berry yoghurt pouch.

Shown in panda bento box and Lunchskins sandwich bag and re-usable yoghurt pouch, similar. 

Wednesday: Cheese and Vegemite jigsaw sandwich, banana, cherry tomatoes, nectarine, grapes and a yoghurt granola bowl with fresh strawberries.

Shown in pink Goodbyn bynto and the metal bowl is from the Planetbox Rover set.

Thursday: HCT sandwich sushi, strawberries, boiled egg, cheese and cracker stack, blueberries and sugar snap peas.

Shown in Purple Bentgo Kids box.

Friday: Ham and cheese quesadilla with guacamole, hummus with cucumber and carrot sticks, ricotta and jam finger sandwiches and plain popcorn.

Shown in Sistema tripple split box (old) similar here. 

Not one piece of plastic wrap needed, no rubbish left behind, just fresh healthy food ready for growing bodies and minds! This was so much fun to do, Lulu got involved and i think when you get the kiddo's imput on what goes in their lunch box the more willing they are to eat it all and to try new things.

Happy new school year everyone!

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