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Five small steps in self care.

Five small steps in self care.


It's been a massive year for me. Probably one of the biggest years in my life so far. A lot has gone down in these last ten months and i am to say the least, exhausted. 

With Marley's surgery and scary stint in hospital 3 months later that shook us to the core, I've really abandonded myself in the self care department. To be frank i've let myself go a bit, maybe more than a bit actually. And i'm not happy about it. Granted it was all in the name of love, i was pre-ocupied with caring for my child. But there comes a time where you have to take care of yourself so you can in turn be there for the ones that need you most.

Now the superficial stuff is easy to take care of.

Get my hair cut and colour those grey's. Check.

Mani, pedi. Check.

Shave legs. Check.

Finally get eyebrows micro-bladed. Check. (and more on that later)

But what about the things you don't see? 

Lately I've been trying to practice a little self care. Just small steps that will hopefully lead into me taking better care of myself and making a it normal way of life rather than a rescue. Now I'm talking baby steps here. Starting off small and building up as time goes by. 

I wanted to share a few things I'm practising in the hopes that it might inspire and spread a little self care love out into the mama universe. Because let's face it. Mama's need it the most! We sacrifice a lot to make our kids priority number one and we end up on the bottom of the list. That's a habit that needs to change.

So here's what i'm starting with...

1. Move more. I've put some weight on recently and i hate it. I've never been stick thin and will never be. Over the years i've learned to love my curves and accept the giggly bits but I just don't want to feel this heavy and sluggish. So i've bought an exercise bike so i can cycle at home when the girls are sleeping and i've made a pact with myself to walk to and from school for afternoon pick up twice a week. 

2. Mediating. I'm using the headspace app and i love it. I love/need the guided meditation otherwise my mind wonders and it's the perfect amount of time to switch off so i can squeeze it into any part of my day. Learning to switch off is extremely hard, almost impossible for me but i have found this app really helpful.

3. Clearing out the crap. I recently watched the documentary "Minimalism, a documentary about the important things" and had a massive light bulb moment. I have been clearing out, donating and throwing out where necessary and i can tell you it feels amazing. Letting go of excess and living more streamline is high on my list of priorities right now. It's going to be a big life change and will take a long time to get there but i'm committed to starting and getting there. Please do yourself a favour and watch it immediately. It's an amazing lesson on letting go of the things that only weigh us down.

4. Wear your "special" underwear everyday. This used to be me back in my 20's. But the old lady in me caved into the "comfort above everything" rule. I've just bought myself a few new pieces of lingerie and they will not sit in my drawer waiting for a special occasion. From now on Monday to Sunday will be a "special" underwear day! I cant explain it but wearing the fancy gear everyday is an instant mood and confidence booster. Plus the husband is not complaining, added bonus. Insert winking emoji here.

5. A little alone time. This is the hardest to achieve for me at the moment. I have a 1 year old that hangs from my leg constantly and to be honest i rarely get 2 mins to myself. But i've been making a conscience effort to get at least that. Two mins alone in the bathroom to paint my toes, put on a face mask or listen to music while i floss.

Sound silly, but it's just me doing me. Zero interruptions. It feels awesome.

A little love goes a long way.

B xx

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