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Minimalism + A new challenge.

Minimalism + A new challenge.

I recently watch the documentary 'Minimalism, a documentary about the important things' and had a massive light bulb moment. 

Whoah guys, it really opened my eyes. Watch it immediately. 

One thing that really hit home was the opening statement in the documentary.

"So much of our life is lived in a fog of automatic habitual behaviour. We spend so much time on the hunt, but nothing ever quite does it for us and we get so wrapped up in the hunt that it makes us miserable."


Yup, that's me, i hunt. Always on the hunt for the perfect something. Shoes, handbag, dinning chairs whatever it may be. I get obsessive about the hunt then when i've found it, i feel nothing. Then i move onto the next chase.

The documentary goes on to show how we turn to consumer products to make us happy and fill our lives with unnecessary things to make us feel like we are successful in life.

As humans we have re-wired ourselves to be dissatisfied, to want more. We always want the latest and the greatest. This crazy world of social media and advertising has programmed us to feel like if we don't buy the newest, shiniest, bigger and better object then we're not successful and we won't be happy.

As i sat on the edge of my seat watching the film and taking notes, no seriously i started writing things down i was so inspired/shocked, i became hooked on the idea of minimalism.

Living with less. Living with only the essentials, letting go of the unnecessary.

Less crap = more freedom. Freedom to live a better life.

Another moment that hit home while i was watching was a comment from a father of four Joshua Becker. Who changed his family to a minimalistic lifestyle after he realised the most common three words i this household was not "i love you" but  "i want that."

Yup, that's our house.

Don't get me wrong, my home is full of love and even 13 years on Jonathan and i cant go an hour without telling/texting each other 'i love you' and Lulu tells me at least 500 time a day she loves me but 'i want that' pops up a lot. 


Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus are the two creators behind the blog The Minimalists and of the subsequent documentary. Both had super successful careers that they left behind in their 30's after realising that they had everything they could ever want in life but were not 'happy'. I'm not going to divulge much more because i want you to watch their journey for yourself. 

It's inspiring.

They now live a simple minimalistic lifestyle and are touring the world sharing tips and strategies on how to live the same way. 

"Minimalists don’t focus on having less, less, less; rather, we focus on making room for more: more time, more passion, more experiences, more growth, more contribution, more contentment. More freedom. Clearing the clutter from life’s path helps us make that room."

Now with an audience of more than 20 million people across social media and having spoken all over the world at Harvard Business School, Apple, Google, conferences like SXSW, TEDx, World Domination Summit, as well as smaller more intimate places like churches, colleges, corporate groups, libraries, soup kitchens, and various nonprofit organisations the boys are leading a minimalist revolution and i'm dead keen to jump on board.

Now going minimalist is not an overnight challenge and everyones version of being a minimalist is different. Embracing minimalism no matter on what scale, leads to the same place. 

A life with more time, more money, and more freedom to live a more meaningful life.

Now getting started is apparently the hardest part. Making a big leap into this lifestyle can be a shock to your system and more often than not the fear makes you revert back to your old habits.

There's a 21 day challenge that i'm super keen on trying. 

Read all about it here. 

Now i figure i'm going to try cleaning out all unnecessary things room by room in my house. Go slow and revaluate after a week before i move onto the next space. It's a big picture goal, eventually i will get there.

Does anyone live minimal and have great tips to share?

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