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Date night @ home + My new fav LBD.

Date night @ home + My new fav LBD.

After travelling for the first part of the month it's nice to be home. Back in our own beds, eating home cooked meals and enjoying all our creature comforts. Hello Netflix!

Jonathan and I are yet to have a date night this year. The start of this year has just flown by and we have a lot going on in our home life with Marley's surgery and recovery. So instead of going out we've planned a little 'stay at home' date seeing as we've been away from it for a few weeks and we have a little one who needs some serious down time.

So I'm going to cook, the T.V. will NOT be turned on, our freshly stocked bar cart will get used (god bless duty-free booze shopping) and i even have a cute new LBD to show off.

Even though it's just the two of us there's no daggy pj's or activewear allowed on this date!

My new favourite LBD is itching for a night out/in. I'm love the detail on this dress by Tobi.  

It has tiny little cut outs all along the bust line and sleeves. They're like miniature windows for a sneaky glimpse of my new favourite wire free bralette. (I went wire free a year ago and never looked back, more on that later.) This dress is the perfect length, has the right amount of twirly-ness (cos thats a real word) and no surprise here, it's in my signature black. 

I'm embracing the deep plunge and showing off some pretty lace lingerie. After all, it's for the hubby's eye's only and we are staying in. If we do venture out i'll throw on my awesome new "not your babe" bomber, so cute! 

I think this might become a regular thing. There's no place like home.

Shop my date night outfit below.

Happy Friday everyone!

Dress: Tobi.

Bomber: Tobi.

Bralette: Victoria's Secret.

Makeup: Sephora.

Necklace: Seed Heritage. (older style)

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