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Link Love #14 Valentine's Day Edition.

Link Love #14 Valentine's Day Edition.

I thought it very appropriate that this Link Love being my 14th one should fall on February 14th, Valentines day!

I'm a big fan of celebrating love in any way, shape or form and am so happy that this year we are in Hawaii celebrating it as a family.

Now before you get to the Valentine themed links i wanted to share a cute story about the above photograph.

I fell in love with this photograph a million years ago when i was holidaying with my family in New York. I spent all my spending money (which wasn't much i was 14 after all) on buying a framed print of this very special kiss that took place in Times Square on August 14th 1945, the day Japan surrendered and ended WWII.

I carried it around the rest of our tour of the States, all wrapped in brown paper and string and hung it proudly on my wall when i got home. I still have it today and consider it one of my most prized possessions.

I was and still am so drawn to this image, it fills me with such wonder. The love, spirit and impulsiveness of it all. They way he's holding her and the way she's fully surrendered to the way he's holding her. It's mysterious and exciting. It's passionate. 

I love it.

Now do yourself a favour and read this interview with the sailor and nurse here.

And as promised, Valentine's Day links below. Happy V-day everyone!

Treat your man this year by making him this cake.

And serve it to him wearing this. (just make sure the kiddo's are in bed first)

Here's a cute love themed game to make.

Get the kiddo's into the Valentine's day spirit with this fun DIY.

Then make them a cute love themed meal like these.

Set the mood at home with this album. Cheesy but a classic!

Hit up you bar cart and mix an appropriate cocktail.

If you feel like splurging how about this?

Wanna do it on the cheap? Read this. 

Last one for the anti-valentine!




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