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Changing the world with Tooshies by TOM + Giveaway!

Changing the world with Tooshies by TOM + Giveaway!

Did you know the average number of nappies used by one chid over their nappy wearing years is over 6000!! Shocking right. What if i told you that you had just as many chances to help change the world? Would you take the plunge?

95% of parents choose to use disposable nappies for their little ones. Do the math, that's a scary figure ending up in landfill. So doing something as simple as switching to a sustainable nappy creates an immediate and positive impact on our planet and in turn our kiddo's future.

It's a no brainer, right!?

Tooshies by TOM are a planet-loving, plant based, sustainable range of nappies and baby wipes created by Aimee Marks. Yes, the same Aimee that bought us TOM Organic, a certified organic cotton, eco friendly feminine hygiene and personal product range which i love. 

"It all started with the birth of my twins, Ivy and Poppy. When they were born I found it almost impossible to buy eco-friendly nappies that would also actually work. As a parent you have a responsibility to your children, to protect them and keep them safe. When your baby is born they will spend more time cuddled by a nappy than they will in your arms, so it is important to know the materials that go against their most sensitive skin are as pure as they possibly can be. In the first 18 months my twins went through more than 10,000 nappies and goodness knows how many wipes. This made me realize that as parents we also have a responsibility to our environment. I could not believe that an eco-friendly, reliable nappy was unavailable. It made me stop one day and think - I need to go out there and create one myself, for future generations to come." 

45% of a Tooshies by TOM nappy is made of sustainable plant based materials which makes for a super soft, comfortable, light weight nappy that's gentle on little bottoms but doesn't compromise on performance. Or cuteness, the prints are adorable! Tooshies are fragrance, lotion, latex and paraben free which is great for bubbas with sensitive skin, like our Marley.

Since birth Marley has had extremely sensitive skin. It's common for babies to experience some sort of nappy rash, eczema or skin problems in the early stages of life. For us knowing we're eliminating exposure to unnecessary chemicals by using Tooshies gives us peace of mind.

Which is priceless for any parent, right?

Likewise with the Tooshies by TOM wipes. They're a luxurious feeling, textured, hypo-allergenic, biodegradable wipe made with plant based, sustainable, organic ingredients including aloe and chamomile that's extra soothing for tiny tooshies. And no nasties! We finding we are using less wipes per nappy change, even for the big jobs and Marley's skin is softer and no longer going red from having to over wipe to get the job done. Plus they smell ah-maze-ing and i'm not ashamed to admit i even use them to clean my face! 

Tooshies wipes are currently available at all Coles supermarkets Australia wide but the nappies are currently only being stocked at 54 Coles supermarkets across the country. Coles has given Tooshies a short window of time to prove their nappies deserve a spot on their shelves. As caring parents we are responsible for spreading the word about this amazing Australian brand and product. If you don't see Tooshies nappies on the shelf at your local Coles, ask someone why? Buy today so Tooshies is here tomorrow!

Find where you can buy your Tooshies here. Alternatively you can purchase the entire range at any Chemist Warehouse Australia wide!

Now for some exciting news! The lovely people at Tooshies have an amazing giveaway for one very lucky Modern Mother reader!! You could win 4 packs of nappies (in your desired size) 4 packs of wipes and the cutest Tooshies nappy clutch. I carry mine with me everywhere! It fits a full size pack of wipes and half a dozen nappies plus you other tooshie changing extras!

To enter simply follow @modern.mother and @tooshiesbytom on Instagram and tag three of your friends for an entry to win! Enter as many times as you like. Open to Australian residents only. Competition ends Friday 30th of September and announced on the 1st of October.

Good luck and a big thank you to Tooshies by TOM for this great prize!

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