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MM Q+A : The #guiltymother, Jo Wimble-Groves.

MM Q+A : The #guiltymother, Jo Wimble-Groves.


I'm so excited to introduce you to a woman who not only is a mother of two but a successful business owner, a female entrepenuer of the year nominee and winner of the "35 under 35" award for Management Today Magazine, Jo Wimble-Groves.

Or as i know her... the #gulitymother.

As well as that long list of inspiring credentials Jo is also a motivational speaker, soon to be published author and writer of Guilty Mother a smart and witty blog for mothers that explores the guilt we experience while balancing career and motherhood. A topic we are all very familiar with. 

As a passionate advocate for women in the business world Jo believes in inspiring and uplifting women. Topics often discussed in her motivational speaking work include women in business, branding, the confidence gap, leadership and personal development. 

We both share a common theory. That the perfect mother is an imperfect mother. Flaws are what makes us unique. We all need to stick together and let each other know that we are doing a good job, no matter how guilty we feel.

Find out a litte more about Jo below.

Who inspires you?

Very simply, women inspire me. I love to be around positive, energized and happy individuals. I feel very passionately that women empower women. 

What is the best piece of advice you've received?

To be confident in being yourself. I spent years thinking that I needed to act a certain way or be more like someone else, but actually focusing on my natural skills as a women and just 'being Jo' has been really rewarding in my business and personal life.

Who makes you laugh the most?

My children. Don't kids just say the funniest things. One of my favourites is when I was having a battle with my six-year daughter about getting ready for school. As she looked at me with her grumpy face and hands on hips, I told her to 'drop the attitude'. She shook her fingers at me and said in reply 'I don't even want any apple juice!' and I fell about laughing. She remained serious the whole time! 

Favourite time of day?

Mornings. I have precious cuddle time from 6am with my two young children and then we love breakfast time. I love to chat with the kids over coffee and croissants. 

Dessert island meal?

Gourmet cheeseburger and chips. I think that would taste like heaven! Totally indulgent but if I'm alone on a desert island, who's going to know! 

Best gift you've ever received?

My gift of motherhood 

The next place you want to visit?


The last thing you did for yourself?

Writing. It is like therapy for my soul. If my readers love my tone of writing, that's fantastic, but I really get a lot of out of too, so it's completely win win. 

One vice you'll never give up?

Bread! I'm a sucker for a baguette even though I know too much gluten gives me terrible headaches. Talk about self damage! 

 also wouldn't want give up on striving forward to be a 'better me'. By better, I mean taking time to learn new things and learn new skills. It's not necessarily a vice but working on yourself is one of the most important projects you can do, so I wouldn't want to give that up. 

Your go to weekly meal you cook?

After a busy day I often don't sit down until after 8pm. You know the drill. Although you've put the kids to bed, they think up every excuse under the sun to get up a further five times before they settle. Therefore, I try to ensure our evenings meals only take ten to twenty minutes max and minimal effort. Homemade spaghetti bolognese with gluten free spaghetti or chicken passanda curry with spinach and chick peas with some naan bread. I often post my quick meals on my Guilty Mother Instagram feed using the hashtags #guiltymothermeals if anyone wants some quick meal inspiration! 

Favourite coffee spot?

One Aldwych Hotel in Covent Garden, London. I go there twice a week as they serve great coffee and it's normally a quiet place for me to work and write. 

What brings you back down earth?

Taking a moment to realise that there is nothing more important than family and your health. My husband had some serious health issues a few years back and it made me realise how vulnerable we all are. We made a decision to ensure we take more rest periods when our bodies are exhausted. We’ve had quite a few holidays over the last twelve months, both in the UK or abroad. We normally have holidays in ‘short bursts’, so never normally more than seven days, so we pack more in. 

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

There's a huge emphasis on women in tech and I am a real endorser of women ‘putting their hand up’ to try something new or have the confidence to take an opportunity. I know how fortunate I am to be doing what I do, but I’m conscious that it might have came from an initial instinct to give something a try. 

Over the next five years, I see growth in my motivational talks for women in business and also to teenage school girls about the confidence gap. I am now sharing my twenty years’ business experience to give back and help others, which is thoroughly rewarding. I am also a writing two books, one of which I hope will be published in Summer 2017.

Thanks to Jo for being a part of the Modern Mother crew.

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