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What to pack for the hospital.

What to pack for the hospital.


It's officially under 6 weeks until baby Viana arrives and we can't wait to finally meet her!

Now i wouldn't say the nesting hormones have kicked in but i do feel an urge to start getting prepared.

The cot has been assembled, linen and baby clothes washed and ready to go! The good old bugaboo is getting a service and a clean up and I'm packing my hospital bag.

The second time around i feel like i have a grasp of what i actually need to pack vs what every baby book (and over excited friend) tells you to need pack. When i had Lulu i was only in hospital for just under 24 hours and i had enough luggage to take me to the states and back!

Here's what I'm packing this time around and would recommend to others...

Baby essentials:

Car seat. You'll need this installed and ready to go before you can take your baby home so it's a good idea to have it fitted in your car a few weeks before your due date. Many baby stores offer a fitting service for a small charge when you buy your chosen seat.

Clothes. A few singlets, bodysuits with long sleeves, a beanie, socks and a baby blanket for the ride home. Baby's first teddy won't hurt either! It's good to know that while in hospital babies are usually wearing very little and wrapped in a hospital provided blanket so you wont need too many options.

Extras. Nappies, wipes and all tiny bottom changing paraphernalia you want to use including powder, rash cream, nappy bags etc. If you've decided not to breast feed you will need to bring along your own bottles and formula.

Mama essentials:

Clothes. Comfort is key here. You want to pack pj's and clothes that are comfortable and easy to put on and take off after birth. A robe for wearing around the hospital corridors, let's face it hospital gowns are not comfortable or flattering in any way! Some warm socks and slippers. Make sure you include something to wear home or have the hubby bring along something on your checking out day.

It's a good idea to pack tops and pj's that button down in front to make breast feeding easier. You'll need maternity bras and a good stack of underwear. Now don't go out and buy fancy boyfriend impressing underwear. Having babies is messy business so most pairs will not make it home with you. Buy some you don't mind throwing in the bin while your there. Also make sure any pants or underwear you pack aren't too tight. If it turns out you have a cesarean you'll have an incision line and you wont want anything touching your stitches.

Toiletries. All your essentials like toothbrush, toothpaste, moisturizer, hair ties, etc... and then of course include maternity pads and breast pads. The hospital will have some for you but trust me, you want your own. It's a nice idea to have some skincare essentials, hospitals can dry your skin out. Some travel size shower products are always a good idea too. Oh and nipple cream!

Extras. Phone and charger, hospital and insurance related paperwork, eye mask for sleeping, camera, snacks and water.

Shop above: Robe, toiletries bag, sleeping mask, bunny, cardigan, pants, socks, beanie (similar), blanket, maternity pads and breast pads, PJ top and pants, underwear, maternity bra, skincare.






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