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Date night. Why it's so important + Where to go in Sydney.

Date night. Why it's so important + Where to go in Sydney.


Ahh date night.

A ritual we should all be inking into our calendars regularly, it's not a luxury but a necessity.

If you don't remember the last meal that you didn't end up with mushy peas in your hair, the last non-disney movie you saw was more that two years ago, and the last time you shaved your armpits was before Kim and Kanye were together then chances are you need a date night STAT!

Spending one on one time with your man is important wether you have been together 5 months, 5 years or 5 decades. Connecting on a personal level helps keep the spark alive and has proven to lead to successful, long and happy marriages.

When kiddo's enter the scene it's hard to spend time together as a couple and enjoy conversations about things other then snot, poop, school schedules and who's making what for dinner!? And while family time is fantastic and super important it's often more about the kids than the parents.

Parent free time is also great for teaching your children how to be more independent. Plus, displaying a healthy relationship and showing love and commitment towards your partner in front of your children can only be a good thing right? Leading by example!

Now date night does not have to be elaborate and lavish. It might not even be date "night" daytime works too! 

It can be something simple like going for coffee or a long stroll in the park with a BYO picnic, visiting your favourite restaurant or going for ice cream. As long as your in an environment where you can engage and talk to each other it can be wherever you want. 

Now my man and i try to pencil in date night when we can, we are definatly guilty of letting it get too long between nights out though. Thankfully we are very lucky to be living in a city where there are so many places to explore and new exciting restaurants pop up regularly.

A place we discovered recently is Tokyo Bird. Located in a tiny alley in Surry Hills, this blink and you'll miss it venue offers up legit Japanese yakitori and simple snacks in a cool whisky bar environment. It's an intimate, small space that is perfect for something yummy to eat and a sensible drink either from the cocktail menu or if you love your whiskey like my man does, their skillfully stocked whiskey bar will not disappoint. 


Find Tokyo Bird at shop 2, 226/228 Commonwealth St, Surry Hills. Entry on Belmore Lane.

I'll be sharing the places we go for date night regularly on Modern Mother. Keep an eye out for where we go next!

Happy date night-ing lovers!


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