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My top 10 baby shower gift ideas for the clueless party guest.

My top 10 baby shower gift ideas for the clueless party guest.

It's been a busy few months of babies and pregnancies around here! We've had so many family and friends embark on their journey into parenthood the baby shower invites have been filling our letterbox. I love buying parents to be gifts that i've personally used and loved. And i have a few go-to that i always recommend to my baby shower novice friends.

1. Food service/ Pre-made meal box.

Soon to be new parents will have the toys and onesies sorted, trust me. The best thing you can buy a new parent is time. And since you physically can't gift it, buying a pre-made meal or food service box like Hello Fresh or You Foodz or The Dinner Ladies will take the stress out of meal prep time and free them up for newborn baby cuddles. I was gifted one when i had Marley and it was much appreciated.

2. Books.

I love buying books in general but kids book shopping is THE best and starting off someone's collection with the classics is always a hit. I love Book Depository for the biggest selection at the best prices and free delivery, always. 

3. Organic baby skincare.

Is there anything cuter than a freshly bathed babe? The answer is no just in case you were wondering! There are some beautiful baby skincare products out the at the moment. If i'm buying skincare i always go organic. Make sure your checking for certification, if it ain't certified it ain't organic! My favs are Bubba Organics and The Divine Company.

4. Baby milestone cards.

I love, love, love that these are a bit of a trendy thing now. Did i just say trendy, such a mum thing to say, gah! In the first few months of a newborn's life there's so many things happening it's great to have these little cards as a reference of moments to capture and look back on. First smile, first full night's sleep and of course the milestone months. It's all there and begging to be posted on your social platforms.

5. Wooden toys.

There's something so charming and comforting about beautifully made wooden toys. They never go out of style and kids love them. Not to mention they are the eco toy of choice these days with parents looking for plastic free, BPA free, chemical free everything. I love this sweet little elephant. Buy him here.

6. Tooshies by TOM Nappies and Wipes.

You can never have enough nappies and wipes! It's a scary thing to think about how many nappies a newborn goes through in the early days of life. This is a great gift to give new parents as the cost adds up pretty quick when you have a little bum to keep dry. You can be the best gift giver and help change the world one bum change at a time by picking a sustainable nappy and wipe like Tooshies. They are my absolute favourite and i recommend them to all my friends. Plant based and eco friendly these nappies and wipes are in my opinion the best on the market and great for babies with sensitive skin.

7. Mama Maya muslin wrap.

Trust me when i say that a beautiful muslin wrap is on the top of most new mama's shopping list. Great for swaddling, draping over prams and cuddling in car seats the simple muslin wrap is the perfect multi-tasker. My favourite wrap is from Mama Maya. Organic, fair trade and for every wrap purchased Mama Maya donates a birthing kit to a woman in a developing country to provide a clean and safe birthing environment. No brainer right! 

8 & 9. Love to Dream sleeping bag and Cuddly Bunny.

My go to gift for all expecting mothers. I loved using these with both my girls who preferred to sleep with their arms up rather than tucked into their side allowing them to self soothe. They wash up like a dream and have a handy secret opening at the back allowing you to leave them on while in the pram and car seat. Not the cheapest one on the market but definitely worth every cent! Paired with my go to Country Road bunny it's the best gift combo ever.

10. Gift card.

If all else fails and the thought of buying something for a baby shower give you more anxiety than watching an episode of The Walking Dead then get the parents to be a gift card. Just make sure it's to a super cool awesome kids shop like YOKO.

Oh and attach it to a bottle of bourbon, #parentingishard

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