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DIY : Coconut + Pink grapefruit sugar scrub.

DIY : Coconut + Pink grapefruit sugar scrub.


Winter is well underway in Sydney. The city is so beautiful this time of year, leaves falling, crisp mornings but unfortunately dry skin! Argh!

To combat the dry, scary flakes I've whipped up a batch of this fool proof coconut and pink grapefruit sugar scrub to combat the alligator skin and keep me buffed and baby smooth until the sun comes out again.

I make mine up in a mason jar, just add all the ingredients and shake like crazy and hop straight into the shower. It smells so good and grapefruit oil is great for detoxifying and nourishing the skin.

You can use different kinds of sugar depending on how big of an exfoliating job you have on your hands. Raw sugar will be quite abrasive and the more darker, moister brown sugars will be gentler. Pick one according to your skin type.

Coconut & Pink grapefruit sugar scrub.


1 cup sugar. ( I like to use superfine caster sugar)

1/2 cup coconut oil. (Make sure its in a liquid state, warm it up if need be.)

5-10 drops of grapefruit essential oil.

Zest of a pink grapefruit. (Use as much as you like depending on how grapefruit-y you like it.)


Place all ingredients into a jar or bowl and mix to combine.

If the mixture looks a little dry squeeze a small amount of juice from the pink grapefruit into mixture to help loosen. Apply on dry or damp skin before showering and work into the skin in a circular motion to remove dead skin and promote good circulation. 

Wash off with warm water and follow with your favourite moisturiser.



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