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The low down on: Bone broth.

The low down on: Bone broth.

Yes, everyone is going coo-coo over bone broth, myself included and here's why.

Bone broth is made by boiling bones (surprise,surprise) for an extended amount of time. Usually between 12-24 hours. This releases the bones minerals, anti-inflamatory gut healing properties, collagen, healthy fats and proteins. 

When we consume the strained broth we are delivering our system some pretty awesome nutrients to help our joints, gut, tendons, ligaments, skin, connective tissue, muscles and digestive system.

This is a practise that has been around for a long time, I'm talking 19th Century Europe! Back then they were often referred to as "meat tea's" mmmmm yum.

Now real bone broth is made from ethically sourced, hormone free, grass fed, free range, cruelty free animals. There is just no other alternative people. It is what it is. Sorry, stock cubes not included!

The collagen boosting benefits is what has me jumping on the band wagon. Its like a facial in a cup! The collagen and gelatin not only help prevent wrinkles and promote good joint health but can directly help stabilise digestive health. Its all about the gut people. The gelatine helps repair the mucusol lining of the gut, helping it to regenerate cells that in turn lead to better digestion and a better immune system.

Back in the day we were often told by our MD (and mum) to have chicken soup when we were battling the sniffles. There was a reason behind this other than chicken soup is super comforting when your a little down! Chicken bone broth inhibits neutrophil migration, which basically means it helps mitigate the side effects of the flu and upper respiratory infections. Pretty fancy huh!?

New Yorkers are lapping it up with places like Brodo serving up hot bone broth to customers as a replacement for their morning latte. Would you swap over?

Now bone broth is most cost effective when you make your own, you do have to dedicate some time to it though. My advice is if you have a busy schedule, use a slow cooker so you can walk away from it without getting broth guilt. Its a thing you know, broth guilt.

Whatever bone broth your making i find you do get more flavour if you roast your bones first. It adds an earthier, richer taste that is more palatable. The apple cider vinegar is key to helping the bones break down and release their minerals. I like Bragg's, its the best.

Chicken bone broth.


2kg Chicken bones, remember hormone free, grass fed, free range.

1 Onion, cut in quarters.

2 Stalks of celery.

2 Carrots.

2 TBS Apple cider vinegar.

10 Peppercorns.

2 Bay leaves, fresh or dry.


Place all chicken bones in an oven tray and roast on 180 degrees for 15 mins or until the bones start to roast and brown.

In a large Pot place the roasted chicken bones, onion, carrot, celery, apple cider vinegar, bay and peppercorns in and cover with filtered water. You want the bones to be completely submerged. Boil on stove top or cook in slow cooker on low for a minimum of 12 hours occasionally checking and stirring making sure bones are covered with water.

After 12 hours strain through fine mesh sieve and either bottle to keep in the fridge or freeze in ice cube trays for quick and easy re-heat.

Serve in a mug with some fresh herbs and pepper on top or use as stock replacement in cooking.




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