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Link Love #4

Link Love #4

I wanna hang out with this guy. Like, all the time. My Domain. 

These xmas tree decorations WILL/MUST be mine. Urban Outfitters. 

Speaking of Xmas, here's 13 turkey recipes to check out. Camille Styles.

The perfect gift for the Kale lover in your crew. William Sonoma. 

The finding Dory trailer is here! Yay! Youtube. 

Father buys 7 year old daughter $48.3 M dollar diamond. WTF.  CNN. 

Wanting to read this after finally watching Interstellar over the weekend. The book depository. 

Pretzel cushion anyone? Sack me. 

Hoping to be here this time next year. Sigh. Tokyo top guide. 

Obsessed with vintage baby cradles, putting this on my wish list. Etsy.

After the horrific events that occurred in Paris over the weekend i hope everyone is practising kindness to others and cuddling your kids just that little bit harder. 

Have a great week everyone. Xx 


Tips and Tricks for THE best roast chicken.

Tips and Tricks for THE best roast chicken.