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Christmas wish list.

Christmas wish list.

Christmas is usually my favourite time of year. I have been know to go a little over board not only with the decorating, but the carols and baking, gift giving etc..

This year, i'm not feeling it at all. It ain't feelin' like christmas at my house right now.

There's no tree up, not one kitsch decoration, i'm yet to bake my first batch of my favourite fruit mince tarts and i have not bought one gift.

The pressure we put on ourselves during this time of year is crazy. For some reason we feel we have to see everyone we know before December 25th and spend stupid amounts of money on doing so. Crazy!

This year i want a fuss free, relaxed day. We don't even have plans for christmas day. All i know i do want is to be with my husband and child and to laugh and be silly and just be together.

After all, thats what this holiday is all about right?!

My wish list this year reflects my some what sombre christmas mood. A relaxed kaftan, hat and easy flats. The round beach towel i've been eyeing off forever to accompany me to my many trips to the ocean. A dreamy candle everyone should own. Some Kate Spade bling perfect for parties and a black and white print i need for my office! Love Miss Moss!

Whatever your plans are i wish you all a safe and happy festive season with your loved ones.


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