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MM  Q+A : Izabela Brzezinska.

MM Q+A : Izabela Brzezinska.

Introducing you to strong influential women/mothers would have to be what excites me most about this new little corner of the web. I'm so happy to introduce to you to the first of many amazing women who i hope inspire and empower you as much as they do me. 


Polish native Izabella (Izzy) migrated to Australia in 2001 from a mid-sized mining town on the Czeck and German boarder. After arriving she dove straight into obtaining her MBA which she did (with specialisation in marketing and international law no less) and went straight to the good old 9-5 desk job she thought she always wanted. What she thought was expected of her.

Staring at a wall all day from her desk she grew tired of the industry and started loosing confidence in herself and felt defeated. She turned to yoga to distract herself and keep fit and soon after became hooked and enlightened on how it was not only good exercise but great for her state of mind. From a very early age she had always been drawn to India, sprituality, Yoga philosophy and Buddism, which she has now converted too. 

She moved quickly from bikram to hatha while navigating herself through jobs, trying to find one that felt right. After falling pregnant with her first child she decided to overhaul her life by studying nutritional medicine and knew being a yoga teacher was the next natural progression.

The rest as they say is history!

After intense training at Prana Rose Bay, two children and adding pre and post natal specialisations to her long list of credentials she has opened her own yoga studio, Yogalicious.

An intimate, welcoming space in a garden environment "classes are limited to three so it means i can teach the way i want to, more hands on. We can stop when we need to discuss something or explain and adjust practises to clients needs". 

Izzy's main clients are expectant and new mums. "For my mums i go the extra mile, we make tea and i offer vegan snacks, we chat and i help them with their bubs as we go through asanas and at the end of the class we do a little baby yoga too". Yogalicious also offers prenatal massages that use all organic oils handmade by Izzy that are soon available for purchase with more organic beauty products to follow.

As well as new mamas and mamas to be Izzy also works with private therapy clients and has regular hatha, yin yoga, family yoga, yoga nidra and mediation classes.

As a gift to all ModernMother readers she is offering 10% off for all new clients when they mention this article when booking! A Great Gift idea for your expectant friends and new mamas.

Now, let the questions begin!

Who inspires you?

Oh there are so many, my mum, my partner, numerous prominent figures and some shady ones too! I love people, we are all so creative, different and amazingly beautiful.

What is the best piece of advice you've recieved?

I rarely take advise. It's just someones idea of how you should live and do things. I do listen, consider, ponder and still will do what I feel will work for me, and if it doesn't then I try a different way.

Who makes you laugh the most?

My partner Oscar and the kids, they are all hilarious.

Favourite time of day?

I love the early morning, and by early I mean 5 am. At this time my family are still sleeping, everything is quiet, maybe just few birds chirping. I can just slip away to my yoga space and have a moment to myself before I start hearing mummy, mummy, mum!!!! 

Dessert island meal? 

Ice cream, if you put a little in your bowl it's not a meal, so whack it in!

Best gift you've ever received?

A diving course gifted to me by my partner Oscar for my birthday. It's submerging under water that still sends me into anxiety / panic mode so I have to trick myself into diving in, but once I'm under it's so peaceful. I would never ever have tried it on my own, so big thank you to him for making me do it.

The next place you want to visit?

Spin a globe and throw a dart! I really want to go to India and Cambodia. We are thinking of the snow, Bali, Fiji, Colombia, or Poland, as I said throw a dart.

The last thing you did for yourself?

Every day I do little things just for myself, today was a new cookbook and a delicious tea, last week it was a massage and a facial. 

One vice you'll never give up?

Ice cream!!

Your go to weekly meal you cook?

Being an experimental cook usually takes me on a culinary adventure. Quite often it's a misadventure too. We rarely eat the same meal on weekly basis and I recently become vegan, so I'm constantly trying new recipes to find what works in our family. They are NOT happy!

Favourite coffee spot in Sydney? 

I'm lucky enough to also work at Colombian Coffee Connection at Everleigh Markets in Redfern, so I get my coffee fix there.

What brings you back down earth?

I've heard about this earth, I'm on planet Izabela, come visit.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Wow, 5 years... I can think about next week, but that is my limit. I definitely try not to reach out that far and choose to stay present. I'm very content with the now.

Thanks Izzy!

Contact Yogilicious here.


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